Watch out for a new street food sensation from Ferncall Catering this spring!

Thee Plaice have a fast food restaurant in Omagh which is so popular they just HAD to bring their yummy stuff out on the road with the Ferncall Catering Specialists They use as much local produce as they can, even down to the bottled water.

Owner Wayne McCall is really excited about a new concept they’re bringing to the market this spring.

“It’s a mouth-watering dish which is used across the world, but it’s not that well-known in the north and south of Ireland.

“Keep your ears open and your mouths ready for it at events from April” says Wayne.

You’ll also be able to tuck into bestsellers like the Cloughbane award-winning 6oz Steakburger topped with fresh salad and chips and house dressing.

“We do as much as we can to support native producers and suppliers. We get our bread from Linwoods. Our herbs and vegetables are all home-grown by a local supplier and the sausages are from Pinkertons and Kee’s Saddleback pork” says Wayne.