Walled City Brewery launch ‘Derry Milk’

Masterbrewer James of the Walled City Brewery has hand-crafted a single batch of chocolate stout and blended it with organic cow’s milk to create a luscious, velvety beer called “Derry Milk”.

The beer is a celebration of NI’s Year of Food & Drink June theme of “Love Dairy”, and the Walled City Brewery will continue to launch a brand new beer every month based on the individual themes.

Masterbrewer and owner James Huey said “The Year of Food & Drink in 2016 is an extraordinary opportunity to put Northern Ireland on the map as a global destination for everything delicious. At the Walled City Brewery we pride ourselves in going against the grain by creating entirely new flavour combinations, and “Derry Milk” is just another in the line of exciting new beers that Northern Ireland and possibly the rest of the world have never heard of!”

“Derry Milk” will be exclusively available at the Walled City Brewery, Ebrington Square, Derry-Londonderry throughout June 2016.