Tiptree World Bread Awards Celebrates Our Bread Heroes

Tiptree World Bread Awards with Brook Food is not being defeated by the restrictions imposed due to coronavirus. In normal times, the awards celebrate the loaf – hundreds of loaves would be delivered for assessment by a panel of esteemed judges. Instead, in a special edition for 2020, the Awards will be recognising the people behind the loaf, the bakers, millers, farmers and all others closely involved, and will be called the ‘Tiptree World Bread Awards Heroes with Brook Food’.

Caroline Kenyon, Founder of the Awards, said ‘In these hard times, the bread community has undertaken many wonderful initiatives to help us all get through. Whether delivering bread to the vulnerable, milling flour 24 hours a day, educating or giving out free sourdough starters for home bakers. The Awards want to shine a light on and celebrate this.’

Tiptree World Bread Awards Heroes with Brook Food launches on Tuesday 23 June 2020. Nominations for a Bread Hero will be submitted via the website. A nomination can be made by the nominee themselves or by a third party. The Awards are looking for stories that show the nominated Bread Hero’s impact on their community, their reach, how they may have innovated, their generosity of spirit and their care for the wellbeing of others.

There will be regional Bread Hero winners and from those regional winners will be drawn one Overall Winner of the title ‘Tiptree World Bread Awards Hero with Brook Food’. All the winners will be announced during an Online Awards Evening on Tuesday 13 October 2020.

Submit your Bread Heroes nomination for free here. Submissions close Sunday 23 August 2020.