Tasty summer special from Copeland Gin

Food NI member Copeland Spirits has introduced a limited-edition ‘Strawberry and Basil’ flavoured gin, inspired by the fresh and sweet flavours.

Copeland specialises in fruit-infused gins and has recently secured its first significant business in the Republic of Ireland, where it is now supplying German discounter Aldi.

The strawberry and basil flavoured gin is romantic blush in colour, but despite its soft appearance boasts an impressive 37.8% volume. With all the finesse of a premium, artisan gin along with the nostalgic but familiar taste of the great outdoors, this new addition to the range will entice both gin-lovers and those new to the category this summer.

A careful harmony of local ingredients, strawberry and basil summer gin is flavoured exclusively with the freshest, ripest fruits and herbs, rather than syrups. On the nose this quality is immediately evident as peppery, subtly-sweet notes start the experience. To taste, fresh notes of basil provide an unexpected but welcomed aromatic experience later softened by the ever-adored sweetness of strawberry. Lingering notes of berry, paired with the crispness of the gin itself provides a satisfying finish. For an added blast of summer, pair this gin with an Elderflower tonic.

The ‘Strawberry and Basil Summer Gin’ is just the latest flavour conjured up by the novel brand since it launched the permanent flavours in its range, ‘Rhuberry’ and ‘Raspberry and Mint’. Whilst the flavours continue to surprise and excite, the brand’s noble purpose of showcasing local farms and celebrating NI produce remains unchanged.

Founder of Copeland Spirits, Gareth Irvine says: “Gin continues to be the most-popular spirit category and as a result the market is saturated. Our aim in response is to provide the consumer with gin experiences that surprise and excite. Our latest flavoured gin, the limited edition strawberry and basil is our most-unexpected yet. We’re incredibly proud of the finished product and another collaboration with Finlay’s Farm, near Kiiilichy in county Down. This flavour showcases Northern Ireland s ever-celebrated strawberry whilst giving local basil its deserved platform too.

“We wanted to create an authentic taste of summer that consumers across Northern Ireland would recognise. We also wanted to create a gin for summer’s drinking occasions such as BBQs, picnics or garden parties. With a simple splash of elderflower tonic, this gin is ready for pairing with summer foods like grilled meats, antipasti and Mediterranean salads.”

Finlay Orr, owner of Finlay’s Farm, adds: “This summer-inspired strawberry and basil gin is the most-impressive and rewarding combination yet. Whilst strawberries can be grown in glasshouses throughout the year, nothing beats the taste and quality of strawberries grown in their natural season. Similarly, basil thrives on sunlight and sadly can only be grown outdoors in summer as it wouldn’t survive winter’s frost. Copeland Spirits tapped into these two very authentic summer ingredients and as a result needed nothing else to bring the flavour of summer to life, a testament to the creativity of the team at Copeland Spirits and Northern Ireland produce and technique.”

Just 2,000 bottles of Copeland Spirits’ ‘Strawberry and Basil Summer Gin’ will be available across Northern Ireland from 8 June for a limited time, joining the brand’s two permanent lines, ‘Rhuberry’ and ‘Raspberry and Mint’ on-shelf in-store and in bars and restaurants. Each bottle is priced at £32 (RRP).