Tasty Careers offers students a fast track for growing success

Improve, the Food and Drink Sector Skills Council, is urging students to consider a career within the food and drink manufacturing sector, the largest industry in Northern Ireland.

The ‘Tasty Careers’ programme, which is currently in its fifth year, is a schools based initiative supported by the Department of Employment and Learning. Talks are provided from food and drink industry ambassadors in schools throughout Northern Ireland, highlighting the 15,000 potential job opportunities available for young people across the food supply chain, to be recruited by 2020.

With over 100,000 people involved in growing, processing, manufacturing, distributing and retailing the food we eat, the food and drink sector offers a wealth of job opportunities for young people. Equating to around one quarter of the total manufacturing sector in Northern Ireland and with a £4.5 billion contribution to the local economy, it is a vital local sector to be considered for employment opportunities.

During school visits, ‘Tasty Careers’ ambassadors, will give presentations to pupils providing an insight into their day to day activities and giving advice on the most beneficial qualifications and educational path to their current role.

Commenting on this year’s campaign launch, Geoff Lamb, NI Operations Manager, Improve, said: “We are delighted to once again be launching our ‘Tasty Careers’ programme, which continues to be a very popular initiative in schools across Northern Ireland.

“As the economy continues to grow, we want to educate students about the vast array of career opportunities available in the food and drink sector. With an impressive average starting salary of up to £21,000 it is a fantastic career path that should be considered by all students.”

For more information or to book an ambassador, schools can visit