Tasty Careers Encourages Students to Map their Future Success

Improve, the Food and Drink Sector Skills Council, has launched a new ‘Tasty Careers’ website and interactive careers map to further educate young people about the benefits of considering a career within the food and drink manufacturing sector.

As the largest industry in Northern Ireland, there are 15,000 potential job opportunities available for young people across the food supply chain, to be recruited by 2020.

The Tasty Careers website and interactive careers map will provide students with the ability to find out more about the wide variety of specific careers available within the industry in sectors such as finance, sales, marketing, supply chain and logistics and product development. Students can simply click on the specific job sector that interests them to find out more about the variety of available roles, what is expected from a job and qualifications needed to secure a career within their chosen sector.

The website also provides the opportunity for young people to read about the actual experiences of Tasty Careers ambassadors, who are currently working within their area of interest. Young people can learn firsthand about a job, its projected salary range and they can also explore current vacancies within the industry that have been posted onto the website.

Commenting on the launch, Geoff Lamb, NI Operations Manager, Improve, said: “We are excited to launch our new Tasty Careers website and interactive careers map to students across Northern Ireland. As the economy continues to grow, the food and drink sector offers a wealth of job opportunities for young people with over 100,000 people involved in growing, processing, manufacturing, distributing and retailing the food we eat.

“Our new online portal offers young people a vital tool to explore these opportunities within the food and drink manufacturing sector to help them to make informed decisions about their future career path.

“The website is a great addition to our existing school visits that we have been running in local schools for the last five years, where ‘Tasty Careers’ ambassadors provide young people with an insight into their day to day activities and give advice on the most beneficial path to their current role.”

The ‘Tasty Careers’ programme is supported by the Department of Employment and Learning.

For more information about Tasty Careers or to access the website and careers map, simply go to

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