Ruby Blue spirits high ahead of Irish Cocktail Festival

Great Irish Beverages now in its 3rd year of the Cocktail Fest, a Nationwide celebration of cocktails made with Irish Spirits. For 2016 they are taking the festival around the entire island of Ireland to all 32 counties! Irish Cocktail Fest is taking place from October 10th – 15th and RubyBlue are delighted to be involved!

RubyBlue Potato Vodka is the premium Irish spirit that all 4 Northern Irish venues have chosen to use in their cocktail entry this year, as the festival opens to every province in Ireland for the first time

RubyBlue Potato Vodka

RubyBlue have signed up to the Irish Cocktail Festival 10th-15th October and are proud to have 4 venues and 4 delicious cocktails on board;
The Wolfe Shack – Cocktail; ‘ The Wolf’s Tooth’
Stokers Halt – Cocktail ‘Ruby Blue Surprise’.
George’s at the Market – Cocktail ‘George’s Ruby Julep’
Made in Belfast (Cathedral qtr.) – Cocktail ‘Ruby Cooler’.

As soon as the festival begins, the public may vote for their favourite cocktail by using the #BestIrishCocktail hashtag on twitter. The winning venue will receive a host of brilliant prizes and most importantly can lay claim that they have the finest Irish Cocktail in all of Ireland!

Call in to our 4 venues and try the delicious cocktails for yourself – and most importantly Don’t Forget To Vote For Your Favourite!