Power of Place

Our Food.
Power of mighty-smallness.

Our power lies in our mighty smallness. We’re only 82 miles top-to-bottom – from Portstewart on the most Northernly coastal point to Kilkeel, facing south to the Irish sea – and we’ve a lot to boast about.  Nature and the elements have conspired with us to create a flourishing landscape that is as rich as it is diverse. The herbage quality of our grassland is amongst the best in the world. Our cattle graze freely on our evergreen, clover-rich acres, our freshwater loughs teem with life. Wind-swept heathlands and peaty boglands give rise to soaring mountainscapes. We produce phenomenally good food thanks to our unique geography and climate.

75% of our land is dedicated to producing award-winning food and drink. Lambs roam the foot of the Sperrin Mountains, vegetables grow on the fertile shores of Strangford Lough, harvest baskets overflow in orchards of County Armagh. Grass-fed, sustainably-reared cattle from the Glens of Antrim become world-class beef on the plates of the world’s finest restaurants. 

Our affinity is still in the lie of the land. We have been closely woven together across generations. We take pride in everything we create, rear, grow and make. And because we’re so interconnected, much of our produce can be traced right back to source. 

Explore the culinary delights of Northern Ireland…. 

Pride in everything we create, rear, grow and make.