Power of People

Our Food.
Power of everyone-knows-everyone(ness)

It’s our people that make our food so great. Passion, creativity and grit that make our food and drink best-in-class. In a land bordered by sea, we are experts at making the best from less. Innovation is ingrained into every fibre of our being because for generations it had to be. Adaptability, ingenuity and collaboration are intuitive.  

Our farmers work in harmony with nature to ensure quality in every forkful. For them, it’s more than a livelihood – it’s a passionate way of life. Quality is taken personally, success is shared. They are the custodians, caretakers and guardians of the land. 

Then there’s NI’s artisanal food and drink producers – experts at combining tradition and curiosity to create something truly great. And let’s raise a glass to the hoteliers and restaurateurs who push the boundaries of flavour and set our imaginations on fire. From family-run food vans to Michelin restaurants, our people put Northern Ireland’s culinary scene in a calibre of its own. Our all-in-this-togetherness is what gives our produce its alchemy. 

Discover the food producers and pioneers of Northern Ireland …. 

Our farmers work in harmony with nature.