NWRC Offers NIs First Accredited Qualification In Food Photography

North West Regional College (NWRC) has becomethe first college in Northern Ireland to offer an accredited Food Photography course, which will run at both Strand Road and Limavady campus.

The OCN Level 2 course in Food Photography, is a brand-new part-time course which will run for 12 weeks on Tuesday evenings from 7-9.30 p.m.

Denzil Browne, Lecturer in Photography at NWRC, who will teach the OCN in Food Photography, said the course is a comprehensive new addition to the college’s already extensive offering in photography classes.

He said: “The college is delighted to deliver our first course in food photography, which is open to everyone, whether they are already taking pictures, or a complete novice. No prior knowledge of photography is required and students will only be required to bring along their own digital camera.

“Students will be given the opportunity to learn how to create beautiful, vibrant food shots with this food photography and styling course. It’s open to everyone, and may of be particular interest to food bloggers, businesses, chefs and students to enhance their food photography skills. 

“The OCN NI Level 2 Award in Food Photography qualification will provide learners with an opportunity to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills required to contribute to food photography activities. A portfolio of work will be submitted for assessment at the end of the course.”

Leyonia Davey, Curriculum Manager of Hospitality and Catering at NWRC said: “Food photography has never been more important in terms of business, marketing and social media. Capturing the perfect image, in the right setting, in the correct way, can make all the difference to chefs or bloggers trying to reach a wider audience.

“The college is delighted to collaborate with OCN and our colleagues in our School of Art and Design to deliver this course which will develop the much in demand skills of food photography.

“The objectives of the qualifications are to develop the learners’ ability to undertake different aspects of photography, from the planning to the finishing stages of the photographic process.”

The course will be taught at Strand Road Campus beginning on Tuesday, September 28 at 7.30 p.m. The course will also be taught at Limavady campus beginning on February 1, 2022. The course will run for 12 weeks.

The college also runs a number of other part-time courses in Photography, Food and Hospitality and Catering. 

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