Novel artisan fruit vinegars from En-Place Foods

Article written by Sam Butler

En-Place Foods, Northern Ireland’s artisan producer of culinary oils and other products, has launched a range of small batch fruit vinegars for cocktail mixologists and chefs.

The highly innovative En-Place range is based on Armagh Bramley cider vinegar with berry infusions. The novel range features Apple and Elderflower, Wild Blueberry, Elderberry, Blackberry and Hawthorn, and Rhubarb.

The fruit vinegars are available in one litre containers and distinctive 200ml bottles. While the small batch vinegars were targeted initially at foodservice, the products have been attracting business from mixologists and cocktail bars.
Paul Clarke, En-Place managing director and a leading chef, says several leading mixologists in London are already using the small batch vinegars in cocktails. “They work extremely well with gin for instance. The vinegars, in addition, can be used as ‘shrubs’ when mixed with soda or sparkling water for a very refreshing and fruity drink,” he adds.

“The high fruit content of the small batch vinegars makes them ideal for glazes and sauces as well as a dressing for salads and desserts. The rhubarb infusion, for example, works really with ice cream.

“The vinegars are also attracting interest from high-end retailers and delis in Britain because of their versatility and rich flavours. A number of chefs are also now using the infusions for their dishes,” he says.

En-Place is one of Northern Ireland’s most innovative companies operating primarily in foodservice. The small company produces a successful range of culinary oils, jams and sauces for chefs. Retail products include jams, sauces and relishes under the Moyallon brand.

The company has won a cluster of prestigious awards for innovation in both foodservice and retail. These include Ambient Product of the Year in the UK Great Taste Awards for its three-star Sea Salted Caramel with Fennel Pollen and a Top 50 Foods award for its Sea Buckthorn and Lime Jelly. Other national awards followed for its Black Garlic Moustrada and a selection of chilli infused hot honeys.

As well as production of its own multiple award winning products the team at En Place also undertakes product development work for other artisan producers and start-ups targeting the speciality food market.