Northern Ireland Potato Festival

As this is now the third year of the festival it is growing rapidly and received some positive media coverage compared to year one as the site is more prominent and attractive from its move last year. This year they are incorporating the festival into the National trust opening day which allows visitors to go to the Giant’s Causeway and visitor centre for free therefore they expect a footfall of up to 10,000 people. This is an opportunity NOT to be missed and we would love to have your presence especially because we want to promote the best NI product the potato.


This Year’s NI Potato Festival will be held on the 3rd October at The Causeway. We see this as a fantastic opportunity to display Northern Ireland’s finest potato produce as  well as bringing people from around NI to experience the fantastic food we have to offer. There will be a range of potato products to showcase the diversity of potatoes and to emphasis the nutritional value they have to offer. This is a fun day out for all the family with events for children as well as adults. This gives individuals the opportunity to see how the potato is developed through the stages from the planting to the ploughing to the final potato product whether it be a boiled potato or a chip!


For more information on the NI Potato Festival please feel free to contact Food NI by phone or email.