Noisy Snacks In Northern Ireland Listed By Amazon

Noisy Snacks in Northern Ireland, a UK leader in award winning original snacks, has been invited by Amazon VendorCentral to become a supplier. Amazon will now be selling the full range of Noisy Snacks.

Based near Belfast, Noisy Snacks recently developed an innovative range of delicious healthy flavours in nuts, broad bean, corn and chickpeas which are available in convenient 100 percent recyclable pouches.

 Noel Allen, founder and managing director of Noisy Snacks, says; “The invitation from Amazon is a very exciting development for us and could accelerate the growth of our business online.

“We decided to take part in an Amazon workshop about the online retailer organised by business development agency Invest Northern Ireland. This highly informative event gave us the knowledge and understanding of working with Amazon in a number of ways. I decided to be proactive and chase theopportunity to pitch online for business with Amazon and this subsequently led to the invitation from Amazon VendorCentral to us about becoming a supplier.

“I jumped at the opportunity to become a supplier. I am looking forward to working with Amazon to maximise thismarvellous business opportunity for such a relatively young snack company as Noisy Snacks is,” adds Noel.

The new range of Noisy Snacks are flexitarian, so whether you’re a gluten-free, kid-raising vegan or a protein-loving, gym-obsessed meathead we have a snack for you.

Mr Allen has developed Noisy Snacks on the back of 10 years’ experience in FMCG working in marketing for industry leaders such as Coca Cola, Red Bull and Boost Drinks.

He founded the business in 2018 with the launch of a range of peanut snacks with favour sachets. The flavoured peanuts were targeted successful at the developing craft beer sector.

Assistance from Invest NI for the company includes export support and ecommerce website grant.

Amazon Vendor Central is an invite-only platform for businesses that want to sell their products to Amazon itself rather than just being listed on the digital retailer’s website for direct sale to consumers.

The Northern Ireland company has been growing steadily since its launch and saw sales in Britain double during the pandemic lockdown.