New look from Kennedy Bacon

“Kennedy Bacon have launched new rebranded Bacon Bits – small chunks of dry cured meat.”

Kennedy Bacon…

Kennedy Bacon have been farming Glenhordial since the 1940’s.

The farm is situated in an area of natural beauty in the hills above Omagh on the edge of the Sperrins.

Mervyn Kennedy has been involved from a young age rearing and fattening pigs.

He attended various courses and after much experimentation he produced a tasty traditional cure.

New Look…

The company  is based near Omagh in Co Tyrone. Founder, Mervyn Kennedy, has introduced newly branded Bacon Bits. These are small chunks of dry cured meat, used as an ingredient to flavour a range of savoury dishes.

The new product comes in 200g packs feature branding and packaging developed with Holywood’s Priory Press. In addition, they will shortly launch a 1kg catering pack for chefs.

Mr Kennedy, who launched the new Bacon Bits at the recent Richhill Apple Harvest Fayre and is a stalwart of other farmers’ markets across Northern Ireland, says:

“We are revamping our packaging across our product range to strengthen our identity as we continue to win business with supermarkets. We’ve already secured business with SuperValu. The new branding will ensure the products stand out in the stores. We are also including recipes on the sleeve for home cooks on how best to use the products.” he adds.


Bacon bits
Mervyn Kennedy with the newly rebranded Bacon Bits at Richhill Apple Harvest Fayre.


A third generation farmer, Mr Kennedy rears over 2,000 pigs and dry-cures a range of bacon and ham products on the farm at Glenhordial, near Omagh.

“What helps to set my product apart is my unique dry-curing technique.  It’s my own recipe from my experience of rearing my own pigs.  I also slice, prepare and package the bacon. This means the entire process is under my control, ensuring consistent quality and provenance. It’s cured for between seven and nine days using my recipe which also takes into account current health concerns particularly about salt and sugar.”


“It’s cured in the most traditional style possible. We use the minimum amount of cure, which leaves it less salty.  The result is a tasty product that allows the pan/grill to stay clean.  We add no water, so it tastes as it should, savoury, yummy and moreish particularly at breakfast.


The company has also won a string of accolades for its products including UK Great Taste Awards.


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