New business boost for farm-based Kennedy Bacon in Omagh

Artisan food producer Kennedy Bacon has won business with dozens of SuperValu stores across Northern Ireland.


The company, which is based on a family farm owned by Mervyn Kennedy, produces a range of bacon, gammon, pork sausages and bacon bites and has just launched a new packaging format for the business expansion.


In addition to its latest success with independently owned SuperValu stores, Kennedy Bacon supplies leading delis across Northern Ireland including Arcadia in Belfast and Indie Fude in Comber. The small business is also a feature at farmers’ markets in many parts of Northern Ireland.


Mervyn Kennedy, commenting on the growth of the family farm business, says: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to reach many more potential customers through the new listings in SuperValu stores. It’s a further and important stage in the growth of the business.”


Kennedy Bacon has won leading food awards for its products including a Blas na hEireann quality award.


Mr Kennedy processes a wide range of dry-cure products from the farm’s extensive herd of pigs.


A third generation farmer, Mr Kennedy launched the bacon processing business in a farm diversification project. He concentrated on developing his own dry-curing technique to give his products a distinctive taste.


“What helps to set my bacon apart is my unique dry-curing technique.  It’s my own recipe from my experience of rearing my own pigs.  I also slice, prepare and package the bacon. This means the entire process is under my control, ensuring consistent quality and provenance.”

“I decided to concentrate on dry-curing because I wanted to develop different products that didn’t involve pumping the bacon with water and preservatives. My bacon is cured in as near to the traditional way as possible, using the minimum amount of cure, which leaves the bacon less salty.”  

“The result is a tasty product that allows the pan/grill to stay clean.  And with no water added the bacon tastes as it should, savoury, yummy and moreish particularly at breakfast,” he adds.