Lucie’s Feelings on Northern Ireland’s food

To tell the truth, I arrived in Northern Ireland with a bad presentiment (Sorry the text is starting badly). I thought that I should kiss cheeses, bread and other yummy produce goodbye. I am agreeing with you that it is absolutely “cliché” from a French person! Speaking about “cliché”, I can confirm that Northern Ireland is the country of potatoes for French people. But we mustn’t take care about the prejudices…and this travel could give me lots of unexpected food moments.

My first visit to the supermarket was really upsetting! A poor variety of vegetables and fruits and so many undiscovered foods… The weather urges on the import. I can understand that! My visit to St George’s Market in Belfast started to change my viewpoint on the know-how of Northern Irish people. In this fact, I felt reassured at the view of some food specialties like Fudges, Squares, goat, local cheeses, soda bread… Finally, the adaptation will be easier with these discoveries!

Over time, the luck came to me to taste new Northern Ireland’s flavours. On a Saturday morning, I met in my plate the inescapable Ulster Fry! A really rich and complete dish for a brunch (the black pudding with his oats mix is surprising). At this opportunity, I tasted the Soda bread and the Potato bread. I also ate Lough Neagh Eels – the flesh is fine. In Northern Ireland, you have some delicious cheeses (but not enough strong for me)! Then, the Irish Stew, the pasty, the boxy, the pies and the colcannon were on my tasting list, but it is not every time easy to find a restaurant which offer these traditional Irish dishes.

In parallel, the number of sweet foods is amazing! We could list the fifteen cake, Yellowman Honeycomb, a load of different Squares, Scones, Carrots cake, Lemon cake, jams, chutneys, relishes… I can add that it is better homemade! A quality guarantee when we are currently plagued by the globalization.

Writing about quality, Northern Ireland’s soil exactly provides many good basis products. Potatoes are a flagship product but we can quote too the chestnut mushrooms, the young rhubarbs and the famous PGI Bramley Apples. These apples are a great tasting surprise and so fabulous in a Soda bread. A perfect Northern Ireland’s turnovers… Stop dreaming!

Who could imagine that a small country could have a numerous food specialties? This is the reason why I encourage the visitors to come in this country with another way; a curious and respectful approach. Leave you guide towards the food markets and tempt by the Northern Ireland’s food!


Finally, I would like to bring so many Northern Ireland’s food in my luggage but I can’t…23 kilogram’s is not enough! Hopefully, I got back some valued recipes and taste bud memories. And yes, the good local food must stay local in the risk to become industrial food.