Launch of Sloane 350 Chocolate & Fine Food Festival

Sloane 350 are proud to announce the launch of their 3rd biennial Chocolate and Fine Food Festival which will take place on Monday 16th June at 4.30pm at Killyleagh Castle.  Gawn Rowan-Hamilton, Killyleagh Castle will be officiating with our Chairman Prof Bob Elwood QUB and Sir Hans Sloane aka local historian Clive Scoular. They will welcome our festival sponsors, exhibitors and unveil this year’s festival programme with Maeve Davison, Festival Organiser, and the Sloane 350 Committee.  But why celebrate Sloane why in Killyleagh, why with Chocolate and why with such style?

Hans Sloane was born in Killyleagh on 16th April 1660, was educated at Killyleagh Castle and went on to become a huge figure of his time. He was both physician and scientist and held the very top positions in each area. He had enormous influence, considerable wealth and a passion for collecting all sorts of objects to make sense of the world. In short he had his own vast museum, which on his death was passed to the nation and became the British Museum. He had the idea of using chocolate (then only a drink) for medicinal use but found it too bitter and nauseous so he created a recipe with milk and sugar. That recipe was subsequently used by the Cadbury Brothers. He is remembered in Chelsea, which he owned, with Sloane Square and several streets bear his name and his bust is the first item on display at the entrance to the British Museum and also the foyer of the British Library. His name, of course, is now used in fun to describe the wealthy Chelsea set. Our nominated charity for this year’s festival is the Cancer Fund for Children and we are delighted to be able to support this leading children’s charity.

We will also be launching our Hans Sloane VIP (Visit be Inspired, Participate) Art Competition and the judges Alan Beers, Deepa Mann-Kler and Leo Casement will launch this innovative art competition with children from local secondary schools and the competition sponsors Simplicity Group and EE.

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Photographs by Alex Marr

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