Irish Black Butter lands at International Airport

Travellers at Belfast International Airport, Northern Ireland’s main global transport hub, are now able to experience a ‘New Taste of Ireland’.

The airport, used by upwards of six million international passengers annually, has just listed the unique Irish Black Butter conserve developed local entrepreneur Alastair Bell and first launched last November. Irish Black Butter is a Food NI member.

Irish Black Butter is a distinctively rich blend of Armagh Bramley apples, one of four Northern Ireland products to have EU protected status, along with Armagh cider, treacle, a touch of brandy and spices.

The sweet/savoury conserve has been listed by Aelia, the international retailer, which operates the Duty Free Shop in the Departures Zone at the airport.

The conserve, marketed as ‘a new taste of Ireland’ by Mr Bell, is now on sale in the special Taste of Ulster shop at the airport.

Mr Bell, who developed the original Irish Black Butter recipe with the help of award-winning chef Paul Clarke, says: “Being listed in Departures at such a busy international airport is a tremendous boost for my business and so soon after launching it.

“Reaching out to tourists and other visitors to Northern Ireland is a key element in my business strategy.”

“Available in a 225g jar, Irish Black Butter makes a perfect take home treat for travellers or a gift for family and friends from Northern Ireland. I’ve also developed a leaflet with suggested recipes illustrating how best to use the spread. It’s great with cheese, for glazing meats especially pork, as a topping for ice cream and with porridge and toast at breakfast,” adds Mr Bell.

The conserve is now on sale in delis and farm shops in Northern Ireland, Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland, where cheese specialist Sheridan’s is distributing the product. It has also attracted the interest of a major retailer in Great Britain.

Picture Alastair Bell launching his Irish Black Butter at Belfast International Airport