Innovative Vodkas From Mourne Dew Distillery in Warrenpoint

Two vodka products have been distilled and launched by Mourne Dew craft distillery in Northern Ireland, using water sourced from the iconic Mountains of Mourne.

The new products are a Premium Irish Vodka and a unique Wild Mourne Rose Irish Vodka. Both have been distilled six times using the small distillery’s vacuum distillation process for smoother and stronger flavours and have 40 percent ABV.

The new vodkas come as Mourne Dew gained a series of medals for quality at the prestigious London Spirits Competition. The craft distillery picked up silver medals for its two single malt and blended Irish whiskeys, its Kilbroney Gin and Hazelnut Poitin.

They join an existing portfolio of multi-award winning Irish whiskeys, gins and traditional Irish poitins developed by the craft distillery which is based at Warrenpoint in county Down. 

The company is enjoying success in international markets such as France and Germany with its ever expanding product range and is just about to enter the spirits market in the US.

Donal Farrell, the founder and Master Distiller of Mourne Dew, says the new vodkas are the outcome of research over many years to develop premium and richly flavoured spirits from a low temperature distillation process that’s unique in Ireland.

“Our work on the vodkas began before the coronavirus pandemic and was paused for a period due to the lockdowns,” Donal explains. “We completed the vodka recipes earlier in the year and have now launched them. They’ve been influenced by our research into flavour blends from botanicals and vacuum distillation over the past six years. 

“The new Wild Mourne Rose Irish Vodka is another example of this research and is based on wild rose petals sourced from the Mourne Mountains. Our distillation process protects the delicate flavours of botanicals and our plan is to use much of this research in further innovative products which are in the pipeline.” Donal believes the rich and smooth flavour of the Wild Mourne Rose Irish Vodka could have exciting export potential.

“Another important feature of our vodkas is the smooth, soft water sourced from the high Mournes which provides a distinctively fresh and natural taste,” says Donal. “We draw many of our ingredients and inspiration from our setting at the foothills of the Mournes overlooking Carlingford Lough,” he adds.

Mourne Dew has employed an ethnobotanist to scour the mountains, foraging local botanicals. This has enabled the company to build up a library of very special tinctures using the low temperature, vacuum distillation process to gently extract the flavours from the delicate flora.

The new vodkas are now being distributed throughout the UK and the island of Ireland. See the for details of distributors and retailers.