Housewife’s Choice From Carnbrooke Meats

Carnbrooke Meats in Dromara, suppliers of consistently high quality bespoke cuts of meat, poultry and game into Northern Ireland’s leading hotels and restaurants and their own retail outlet, paid £1,700 for an eye catching winner at the Hilltown Mart Christmas Show and Sale. Carnbrooke Meats is a Food NI member company.

Show judge Nigel Matchett choose as Housewife’s Choice a grade E3 heifer, aged 17 months, from a Newtownards farm. Sponsored by Joseph Walls, the Housewife’s Choice class drew a strong entry with the winner ideal for a butchery business built on farm quality assured produce.

Carnbrooke Meats founder and managing director Jason Hamilton, a butcher with over three decades’ experience, leads a team of 30 servicing high end clients including Hastings Hotels and leading restaurants including Michelin star winners Muddlers, Deanes and Ox .

Customers also travel from all over NI to our artisan butcher’s shop in Dromara,” explained Jason. “An outlet offering extra touches of service as you buy the quality cuts of meat top chefs prefer.”

In a decade we have built a sound reputation for an ability to supply every conceivable cut and preparation of beef, pork, chicken, lamb, duck and deer .

Carnbrooke works with local producers, such as the Mourne Lamb Group, to source quality stock. Paying farmers for every kilo of lamb supplied provided the quality and specification matches our needs. Why only pay to 21 or 22kg when every kilo can be used? That does not make sense for us or our suppliers.

Pork also comes off a farm within a very short distance of our EU approved premises. Mostly from John Ferguson at Begney Hill, Dromara. Beef is procured from Northern Ireland farms as our customers demand and deserve the best. Our rural community has produced top quality food for generations so why would anyone look elsewhere for the best available?”

At Carnbrooke Meats, the team of master butchers can cut orders to a customer’s exact specification. Having a purpose-built dry-ageing chamber on-site means you can order how long you want it to be hung.

Carnbrooke commercial director Jacqueline Hamilton, who recently joined her husband in the business after a 20-year career working with farmers and vets, adds: “Offering prime cuts from this award winning Housewife’s Choice heifer to our customers, be they chefs or families demonstrates Carnbrooke Meats is the prime supplier of local meat with traditional taste and values.