Hilton Meat Products Win ALDI ‘Special Buy’ Contract

hiltonmeatsPictured: (L-R) Mark McCormick – Technical Supervisor, Mark Beggs – General Manager & Richard Adams – Production Manager Hilton Meat Products

Hilton Meat Products, the offal based producer from Carrickfergus, which specialises in the processing of liver, hearts and kidneys, announce they have won a new contract to supply lamb liver into ALDI across the UK.

Now part of the Fane Valley Group of Companies, Hilton Meat Products which was established in 1985 and employs approx 40 people continues to be the United Kingdom’s only dedicated offal factory and already supplies most of the major UK multiples, such as Sainsbury’s, Asda, Co-op and many more.

The additional business which is supplied specifically for ALDI’s ‘Special Buy’ category  equates to approximately 15 tonnes (2600 cases per promotion).

Lyndsey Clarke, ALDI Special Buying Assistant, said: “The performance of the first two trials have been just brilliant! Sales exceeded all expectations with most of the product sold out within 4 days of supply. A further two promotions have been scheduled for November 2015 and Jan 2016. We are delighted to be able to work with Hilton Meat Products, they have a great reputation and are leaders in their category.”

Mark Beggs, General Manager of Hilton Meat Products, said: “I am delighted to be able to showcase our fantastic range of offal products to a wider retail audience.  Hilton Meat Products has been producing quality products for over 30 years and once again this highlights the expertise within the Northern Irish Food Industry. This new partnership with ALDI can only bring optimism for the future and we are hopeful can develop over time.”

Trevor Lockhart, Fane Valley Chief Executive commented: “This is welcoming news for all the management and staff at Hilton Meat Products. Mark and his team operate a very efficient and quality driven business. To win this new supply contract with a fast growing UK retailer is very positive. Recent reports that ALDI are keen to open more than 60 new stores in the UK to achieve an overall total of 590 UK stores reinforces their growth.”