Heritage & Tradition behind Irwin’s Bakery

Irwin’s Bakery is Northern Ireland’s largest independent plant bakery and is a family owned and run company based in Portadown, Co Armagh. We have been baking bread for over 100 years so bread making is something we’ve grown up with and are famous for like our Irwin’s Nutty Krust Plain Loaf, Irwin’s Softee and our Muffins and Rolls range.
Irwin’s continues to go from strength to strength not only in Northern Ireland but also with a strong presence across GB and Ireland. Employing almost 450 people locally Irwin’s have a growth strategy based on product quality, tradition and innovation and play a major role in the local agri-food sector and wider Northern Ireland economy.

Irwin’s products are based on traditional Irish recipes and baking methods, including original fermentation and slow-baking processes. Irwin’s Nutty Krust was launched in 1963 and is a firm Northern Ireland favourite. Since then, Nutty Krust has been loved by generations of families to the present day. Nutty Krust was given it’s name due to the crunchy top and bottom crust. The distinctive flavour of Irwin’s Nutty Krust comes from the 6 hour baking process. From mixing and fermenting the dough to the baking and resting of the bread, Irwin’s Nutty Krust is carefully baked to give the customer the best Batch Bread in Northern Ireland. So much so that Nutty Krust was voted by the Northern Ireland public, ‘Northern Ireland’s favourite product’!
Rankin Selection range of Irish Breads were developed in 2002 by Irwin’s Bakery and celebrity chef Paul Rankin. The range has quickly built up a loyal consumer base in the speciality breads market, becoming the top selling Irish bread in the GB.

In 2006, Irwin’s Bakery acquired traditional-style cake and tray-bake specialist, ‘Howell House’ to introduce a specialist home bakery category. Since then, Irwin’s have invested significantly in the division in order to enhance its artisan capabilities and identity, including a strategic rebrand in 2015. Supplying the multiple sector as well the convenience and independent trade, Howells has become a firm favourite within Northern Ireland with it’s number one selling product Jammy Joeys.

A Northern Ireland business, owned by a local family for over 100 years