Hercules Brewing Company launches Irish Craft Stout!

Yardsman Original Double Stout is an ode to Belfast’s heritage of quality craft brewing

Hercules Brewing Company – Belfast’s first craft brewery and creators of Yardsman Lager – has added to its growing portfolio, with the launch of a new craft Irish stout.

Yardsman Original Double Stout, which will be sold exclusively in draught form, is the fourth product to be launched by the brewery in the 18 months since its launch.

Reflecting growth in the craft market in the region and responding to increasing consumer demand for craft brews, Hercules Brewing Company has steadily increased its portfolio since its launch in February 2014 and now includes Yardsman Lager, Yardsman IPA, Yardsman Belfast Pale Ale, alongside the new Yardsman Original Double Stout.

Hercules Brewing Company was the first craft brewery to open in Belfast in over 100 years and builds on a tradition of brewing in Belfast, which dates back to 1855. Situated at the heart of Belfast’s Harbour, the brewery employs seven full time staff and can produce up to one million bottles of craft beer per year. Capacity of the brewery has now increased to three times its original size.

The Yardsman range is supplied to premium restaurants and bars across Northern Ireland, as well as independent off licenses. Whilst the focus is currently on building the brand in the domestic markets in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, plans are on the horizon to export the Yardsman, range, with distribution arrangements now in place in the U.S., Mainland Europe, Scotland and England.

Following months of testing and a four week wait for the perfect small batch brew, Yardsman Original Double Stout is now pouring in a selection of bars and restaurants across Northern Ireland. As with all Yardsman brews, only the finest, best quality Irish ingredients are used in Yardsman Original Double Stout.

Niall McMullan, Managing Director of Hercules Brewing Company, commented; ‘Hercules Brewing Company puts craft and local at the heart of everything we do and Yardsman Original Double Stout is no different. We have been waiting on this brew to develop for months so it is very exciting for us to finally reveal this unique, quality stout.

“It is our first stout, following our successful Yardsman Lager, BPA, IPA and we are confident that stout lovers in Belfast and beyond will taste our craft in every sip. The fresh, quality ingredients in our brew set us apart from other stouts and truly represent the craft of brewing. I have always wanted to share quality, local, craft brews with the region and so am particularly pleased that the Yardsman line has been received so well. ’

It takes Yardsman Master Brewers almost four weeks to craft the perfect pint. The stout is brewed with freshly roasted barley and a range of high quality coloured malts, as well as Irish hops and water and is filtered through Irish linen. The stout is nitrogenated, which creates the undeniably creamy white head and a settled, clear but dark ruby black body.

As with all products in the Yardsman range, Yardsman Original Double Stout is completely free from all chemicals, preservatives, stabilisers and animal bi-products and only is brewed using the four natural ingredients of hops, barley, water and yeast, making it completely vegan friendly.

The full bodied, colourful Yardsman Original Double Stout has a strong creamy texture and delicious aroma yet is light and refreshing to drink. It has a velvety smooth finish with a full mouth feel of delicate chocolate and coffee flavours. Its rich colour and clarity comes from doubling the amount of coloured malts used in the brew. The stout is exceptionally well balanced, exceptionally smooth and has a lingering delicate sweetness on the palate.

Yardsman Original Double Stout is now pouring at select premier bars and restaurants across Northern Ireland including The Hudson Bar, Oh Yeah Centre, The Black Box and Bittles Bar in Belfast, as well as The Millennium Forum in Derry-Londonderry.

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