NIHF Healthy Breakfast Competition

To mark the Year of Food & Drink 2016, the Northern Ireland Hotels Federation and the Food Standards Agency in Northern Ireland are celebrating breakfast during the month of January and challenging members to create healthy breakfast options of 400 Calories or under.
The competition is easy to enter and is open to all NIHF members. All you have to do is create a healthy breakfast dish which can be a cereal, beverage or cooked dish. Then simply photo it and submit it with a short description of under 100 words (including the calorie count of the entry) via email to by 5.00pm on 29th January 2015.
Full details below. Entries are limited to one per premises and the calorie content should be calculated using the MenuCal tool available from the FSA website here. The entries will be judged by an independent panel and will feature on the final top ten healthy breakfasts. The top ten will receive a certificate of recognition and will be promoted via the NIHF social media and published materials. They will also be featured in the local trade press. The top ten will be announced on Friday 5th February 2016.

How to Enter
Create breakfast dish for one person at 400 Calories or under per portion.
Prepare dish and take a reasonable quality photo of it (this doesn’t need to be professional but should show your dish off in the best way possible. A modern smart phone camera should be fine as long as the photo is sent to us full size).
Write less than 100 words to describe the dish and include the total Calories in your description.
List the ingredients and quantities used.
Email photo, description and ingredients to by 5.00 pm on Friday 29th January 2016.
The entries will be judged by an independent panel and a Top Ten Breakfast list produced. This list will be promoted widely.


  •  All entries must have a photo, ingredients, description and calorie count included in their email entry. The photo  may be used by the NIHF for promotion purposes.
  • Calorie count should be calculated using the MenuCal Tool which is available via the FSA website.
  • Entries are only accepted from hotels, guesthouses and guest accommodations that are Members of the Northern  Ireland Hotels Federation.
  • One entry per accommodation provider/member property.
  • Entrants must agree to abide by these 
and any other rules of the competition and 
to any publicity as a result of their entry.
  • Winners must not engage in promotion of their win without prior consent of NIHF.
  • The judges’ decision is final.

The closing date is the 29th January 2016 at 5.00pm.