Power of Quality

Power of health & wholesomeness

We are dedicated to ensuring our produce is people, place and planet positive. From farm to fork, our conscious farming methods and high welfare standards produces high quality food. From plot to plate, we prioritise health in the ways we grow and harvest our food. And from bowl to compost bin, we are striving to create a circular economy that puts sustainably at its heart.  

In Northern Ireland, local means local. Our small size works to our advantage: food miles are minimal. Food is fresher, tastier, better. And in a place where everyone knows everyone and word-of-mouth matters most, nothing is anonymous. Our interconnectedness means we’re closer to the food source. We are a tapestry of suppliers, collaborators, restaurateurs and retailers. Quality is as important to us as our own good name.  

Find out how we’re putting quality and sustainability at the fore…

Here, local means local. Our small size works to our advantage.