Hannan’s Sausage Success!

At the risk of becoming boring, we just wanted to tell you that they’ve won more awards!!

These ones are really important as they’re for their favourite thing (behind bacon, of course and beef maybe?) – sausages.

This National Sausage Competition had over 200 entries and was organised by the Ulster Pork and bacon forum.

“We were delighted to have been awarded the following:


National Sausage Competition

1st Prize – Gourmet Speciality Pork Sausage – Spicy Italian sausage.

Product Innovation Award – Sweet Italian Pork sausage

2nd Prize – Pork sausage – Regional

 Our Italian sausages, both the spicy hot and non-hot (sweet) are 100% local pork, coarsely ground and authentically seasoned with fennel, garlic, black pepper, etc.

They are delicious in pasta dishes, on top of pizzas or grilled on some good bread with simple salad leaves.

You can use them on top of robust beans or lentil dishes, or add them to other meats in hearty stews or cassoulets.

The Italian sausages cost £6.60/kg and are available to order now.

The pork sausages cost £4.40/kg and are available in a range of flavours.

NB: All sausages have always been produced with local pork, by hand, by Hannans