Belfast-based coffee shop and donut maker, Guilt Trip Coffee, has teamed up with Bushmills® Irish Whiskey to create the Black Bush Donut.

The limited edition sweet treat, which features Guilt Trip’s signature chocolate dough infused with a rich chocolate ganache centre, is topped with a brown butter Bushmills® Black Bush® glaze and a sprinkle of chocolate shavings, making it the perfect accompaniment to any celebratory tipple this weekend.

A uniquely high proportion of malt whiskey and maturation in Sherry casks gives the premium Black Bush blend its big, robust flavours of dried fruits and nuts, along with a velvet smooth character. This expertly complements the rich chocolate and brown butter flavours of the donut.

Ben Hamilton, General Manager of Guilt Trip Coffee, says, “We created a Bushmills® Irish Whiskey inspired doughnut last year and our customers have been demanding its return ever since. This time we’ve chosen to use the Black Bush premium blend in our creation and we’re confident it’ll be a tasty hit.”

The limited edition boozy dessert will be available from today (Friday 15th March) until Friday 22nd March at Guilt Trip’s coffee shop on Orangefield Lane, Belfast.