Forest Feast In Deal With Sainsbury’s UK

To meet the growing consumer demand for premium snacks and in-home snacking occasions, Sainsbury’s has brought Forest Feast – the Original Snack Explorers – into its fold, with two of the brand’s new, innovative ranges of nuts now in 480 stores throughout the UK.Forest Feast is a Food NI member company.

The Forest Feast Slow Roasted & Seasoned Nuts range is made using local and artisanal ingredients to season and then slowly roasted in small batches. Three variants from the six-strong range will be stocked in Sainsbury’s stores at RRP £3.00/120g, all of which pack a punch in flavour and are gluten-free:
• Slow Roasted Sea Salt & Black Peppercorn Nut Mix• Slow Roasted Serrano Chilli Honey Almonds & Peanuts• Slow Roasted Heather Honey Peanuts & Cashews

The Forest Feast Signature Chocolate Nuts range marries the nutritional goodness of nuts with the indulgence of Belgian chocolate, offering a clear point of difference in the confectionery category that has seen the brand experience 150-250 percent growth in its chocolate ranges. Handcrafted in-house, each nut is oven-roasted with its skin-on for depth of flavour and combined with a unique flavour twist. One vegan-friendly option of the three innovative variants in the range will join the grocery retailer’s shelves at RRP £3.00/120g:• Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Almonds

Bronagh Clarke, marketing director at Forest Feast, said: “Over the last year the nation has spent more time at home, consumers are looking for snacks that elevate their evenings in and are leaning towards more premium, artisanal products. We’re proud that Forest Feast’s new nut ranges harness innovation and flavour discovery to meet this demand, while showcasing our in-house roasting and seasoning capabilities.”

A spokesperson at Sainsbury’s added: “Over the past year, we’ve seen significant growth in customers looking for great tasting snacks, and there is a clear trend of consumers looking for more special and crafted products too – which makes Forest Feast’s proposition really strong. We look forward to being able to offer shoppers even more options to trade-up and enjoy at home.”