Food NI and Broughgammon Farm..

Food NI have played a massive part in helping Broughgammon get to its feet.

Broughgammon is a forward thinking family run farm with a core driver of sustainability. With this in mind it set about highlighting growing agricultural wastes in a bid to improve global food security. In doing so Broughgammon Farm has established a unique market specialising in artisan products such as Cabrito (Kid-Goat)Free Range Rose Veal,  Seasonal Wild Game and Hand Harvested Irish Seaweeds!

Here we would like to explain our story and the role that Food NI have played:

Food NI helps Broughgammon Start-up.

Being a small family run farm it was bound to be a steep learning curve to establish a route to market and finding a clientele who loved food as much as us! However with the help of Food NI Broughgammon Farm didn’t even struggle. Pointing us in the right direction they assisted with advertising, events and even some recipe ideas!

Market day at Queen’s – Northern Ireland’s finest foods showcased

Sarah Campbell from FoodNI, Charlie Cole from Broughgammon Farm and Chris Elliott, Director of Queens University’s Institute for Global Food Security, show off some of the home-grown products that were on offer at the FoodNI Artisan Market at Queen’s.


Food NI helps Broughgammon find new Markets.

Food NI was a already established threshold for Broughgammon Farm to use to launch itself into the untapped (Northern-Irish) world of Cabrito! Without it we can picture a slow and arduous journey to getting to where we are today, without a doubt Food NI has been a great assistance.

Food NI not only has many one off events around Northern Ireland but is now also getting more involved with permanent markets and pop-up catering, and if they aren’t their diverse range of members are! Through Food NI Broughgammon has been able to market itself alongside other local, artisan traders. It has allowed for the business to boom towards greater success stories!



Street Food Free Range Rose Veal Kid Goat Cabrito Seasonal Game Venison Rabbits Pidgeon Pheasant


Balmoral Show 2014, Broughgammon Farm Food NI

Food NI helps Broughgammon Market Research.

Food NI hosts a number of events nationwide, and beyond. Allowing Broughgammon Farm to engage with everyone directly, enabling us to be very dynamic.  Without this direct consumer/producer relationship we would be far slower in picking up trends and responding to ur customers need.

We should also mention that the copious amounts of high quality chefs associated with Food NI‘s Taste of Ulster has allowed us to broaden our pallets for various tasty recipes for you all!



hardeep singh kohli and Broughgammon Farm Food NI


Food NI helps Broughgammon make friends!

Food NI has not only helped market Broughgammon, but their diverse range of clientele and traders has been a invaluable source of contacts for a start up business. Broughgammon has always said networking and advertising in Ireland & Northern Ireland is not about SEO management and TV presence, but word of mouth. For some reason the Irish in general love to natter, a good old chit chat! To us this is perfect, we like nothing more than telling our story, teaching others what we know and how to avoid the steep learning curves, and undoubtedly Food NI is one of these not-so-secret secrets!


Photo by Aaron McCracken/Harrisons 07778373486

The Build up to the Balmoral Show with Broughgammon Farm, Royal Ulster Agricultural Society, Irwins Bakery and Food NI


Boughgammon Farm is happy to call everyone in Food NI its friends, we love Good Food NI.