Finnebrogue Artisan sets up vegan factory and creates 90 new jobs


Finnebrogue Artisan in Downpatrick, a Food NI member company, is opening a new vegan and vegetarian factory in a £3 million investment creating up to 90 jobs.

The company, which was set up by Denis Lynn, now chairman of Finnebrogue Artisan, and was first known for its venison products, has said its innovative product development had already “revolutionised” the bacon and ham market with the first nitrite-free free bacon launched in 2017.  The business has also pioneered developments in so-called flexitarian food which blends vegetables with meats for major retailers such as Marks and Spencer.

Managing director Brian McMonagle added: “Finnebrogue has always prided itself on providing consumers delicious, innovative products – and given the increasing demand for vegan and vegetarian alternatives – this new factory was the obvious next step in our extraordinary growth.

“We are determined not to stand still and are always looking to make food the best it can possibly be, without being bound by the way it’s always been done. More and more people are switching to a vegan or vegetarian diet – and even meat eaters are increasingly seeking a day or two off a week.”

Finnebrogue has been pioneering vegetarian and vegan products for three years, but the opening of a new factory marks a significant up-scaling of the firm’s meat-free production.

The new factory is expected to have turnover of £30 million a year when at full capacity.



Bryan McMonagle, managing director of Finnebrogue Artisan