Enjoy Morelli’s Ice Cream And Then Eat The Tub!

Morelli’s, Northern Ireland’s famous ice cream family, has just launched an edible ice cream tub as part of its commitment to waste reduction and the conservation.

The Coleraine-based company’s new Eco Tub is an edible ice cream tub made entirely of wafer. 

The new tub has a biodegradable and compostable sleeve which takes only 10 days to fully decompose. 

Daniella Morrelli-Kerr, a director of Morelli’s, says the company decided to launch Eco Tub in conjunction with their local wafer and cone supplier to help reduce waste. 

“With ice cream tubs now overtaking cones, we hated the thought of this type of packaging littering the landscape and so we believe we have helped to create the most environmentally friendly way to enjoy a Morelli’s ice cream,” she says.

Eco Tub was launched at the Tesco Taste Fest 20th-22nd September at Custom House Square. The tubs will be available at Morelli stores soon.