Award winning Hannan Meats wins business in Hong Kong

Hannan Meats, the Northern Irish catering butcher, has won its first business in Hong Kong and Macau for its premium Himalayan salt aged beef.

The company, which is based in Moira, county Down, has just started supplying its award winning grass-fed beef, some from Glenarm Shorthorn animals from county Antrim, to major foodservice operators for high-end restaurants in Hong Kong including for those attached to casinos in Macau.

The contracts follow an approach to the Northern Ireland meat specialist, which dry-ages beef in what is now the world’s biggest Himalayan salt chamber. The company is providing a range of cuts including sirloin, fillet and ribeye.

Peter Hannan, managing director of Hannan Meats, commenting on the new business, says: “The new customers had heard very positive reports about our meat and approached us to see if we would be interested in supplying products to what are very competitive and quality conscious markets in Asia.
We are up against other longer established meat suppliers specialising in products such as Wagyu and Kobe.

“We were keen to explore opportunities there and sent samples by air. The response was extremely enthusiastic from foodservice operators who told us our meat is of exceptional quality and outstanding taste. We are quietly confident that it can hold its place against the world’s best, being grass fed, and with the flavour of Ireland’s clover in lush meadow pastures.

“Our first consignment of Himalayan salt aged been was air freighted to Hong Kong this week. It will be featured on the menus of some of the most respected restaurants in both Hong Kong and Macau,” he adds.

Hong Kong and Macau are the latest export markets for Hannan’s beef. The company, which employs around 40 people, already exports to France, Portugal and the Republic of Ireland. It also has successful business in Britain, where it supplies renowned chefs such as Mark Hix and upmarket retail Fortnum and Mason, both in London.

The company’s reputation for innovative beef and bacon products has been enhanced as a result of its achievements in major UK competitions such as the Great Taste Awards, the UK’s main food awards.

Established in 1990 by Mr Hannan, Hannan Meats was chosen as the Supreme Champion in 2012/13 for its Italian style Guanciale bacon. The company also gained a record number of gold stars for a wide range of meats in the same awards.

Hannan’s standing as an innovator in food was further enhanced by his development of the first Himalayan salt chamber for dry-ageing beef to provide a distinctive flavour and succulent taste. The company created the first salt chamber in 2012 and subsequently invested in what is now the world’s biggest Himalayan salt chamber in April 2013 to meet the demand for its meat.