Acti-Snack Launches New Generation Of Sports Nutrition Snacks

Northern Ireland sports nutrition brand ACTI-SNACK has launched seven new healthy Nut and Trail Mixes designed to naturally fuel the body and promote recovery in athlete, sports and health enthusiasts.

Designed in partnership with performance nutritionists and adventure athletes, the brand is centred around tailored plant-based products that meet the body’s need to refuel and recover.

Lorna Cooke, a leading Irish sports nutritionist at Sports Medicine NI, has been involved in the development of the product and explains how ACTI-SNACK is different from traditional sports snacks: “ACTI-SNACK has embraced the ‘food first’ approach to fuelling and recovery but has also concentrated on only using natural ingredients which is fantastic. Being ‘food first’ ensures that athletes are better fuelled to reduce risk of injury and improve competition performance.

“What sets ACTI-SNACK apart from traditional protein snacks is the natural nutrition approach as well as unique flavour blends which reduce the problem of flavour fatigue that can be a real issue for endurance athletes.”

Speaking about the launch, Bronagh Clarke, marketing director at ACTI-SNACK, said: “We are an active tribe of runners, cyclists, climbers and health fanatics, who have made it our mission to be the next generation of sports nutrition snacks.

 “We noticed a real gap in the market for healthy sports nutrition and protein snacks that aren’t filled with artificial sweeteners or pseudo health credentials. We set out to create real food snacks that would fuel athletes and those passionate about being healthy to go further and faster, and still deliver great taste and satisfaction.

 “We worked with athletes from a variety of disciplines, as well as consulting certified performance nutritionists to understand what athletes need to energise and reenergise their bodies. The ACTI-SNACK range is hand-crafted and baked and is designed with protein front and centre to help build muscle mass. However, we know athletes need much more than that. We’ve also considered broader micro and macro nutrients that are needed for performance such as potassium, magnesium and iron to fight muscle fatigue. The products are all vegan, gluten free and 100 percent natural.”

 The range is designed to answer different need states, with high energy mixes to fuel athletes before and during an event or training, to all-natural recovery mixes, to low sugar Keto mixes*. As the first and only accredited Keto snacks in the UK and Ireland, these two specific mixes feed growing dietary trends around the growing demand for lower sugar, lower carb options.

 Launching with seven new mixes, the ACTI-SNACK range is specifically designed to equip athletes and adventurers to help them achieve their goals.

The ‘Energy’ mix is aimed to give trailblazers to get them a much-needed boost before and during adventures and comes in two flavours; Salted Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter.
The ‘Natural’ mix is perfect for those who want to savour the ingredients with no added flavours and comes in three mixes; Natural Nut, Fruit and Nut, Nut and Seed.

The ‘Keto’ mix is the first accredited Keto snack in the UK and Ireland and comes in two flavours; Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar and Buffalo BBQ

The mixes are available in a variety of sizes from the 40g on the go packs for £1.50, the Power Packs are in available in up to 200g retailing at £4.00.