100% Seal of Approval for KARRO

VION Cookstown, now known as KARRO, has been named as Tesco Outstanding Supplier of the Month for May 2013.


The award is in recognition of the enormous effort made by the company to partner with Tesco Northern Ireland as it worked towards the goal of using 100% local pork.

In early April, with the help of KARRO and two other local processors of beef and chicken, Tesco achieved its goal.  Now all of the Tesco fresh pre-packed beef, pork and chicken is sourced from local farmers and producers.

Caoimhe Mannion, Marketing Manager Tesco NI said, “We have introduced an Outstanding Supplier of the Month award, through which we can publicly celebrate and recognise the enormous effort our Northern Ireland suppliers put in for our customers.

“This award is particularly significant because it has taken some six months of planning to reach this point.  In November last year, we set out to switch all our beef, pork and chicken supply over to Northern Ireland produce.  After months of preparation and working closely with almost 120 local pig farmers, KARRO were able to deliver on this plan in early April.  Thanks to their dedication and hard work, all Tesco brand pre-packed pork chops, bacon and pork roasting joints in stores across Northern Ireland are now 100% local.  This is great news for our customers and great news for the local farming industry.”

Trevor Mounstephen of KARRO said, “We are delighted to have been given this public recognition by Tesco.  The pork industry in Northern Ireland has been through some challenging times and yet it has so much to be proud of, in terms of quality and farming.  We have welcomed the challenge of ensuring a steady supply of quality local pork for all Tesco NI stores.  This is a huge statement of the Tesco confidence in, and commitment to the local farming industry.”

Cliff Kells, Commercial Manager, Tesco said, “Local suppliers are tremendously important to Tesco in Northern Ireland.  We want our suppliers to know that their hard work is important to us and we want our customers to know all about it too. Huge congratulations to KARRO – they have given 100% service and have helped us to deliver our 100% local meat promise.  They are a very deserving winner of our Tesco Northern Ireland Outstanding Supplier Award.”

Monthly award winners receive a Bridgestone-style plaque , free publicity in local press, and point of sale promotion in all Tesco stores which stock their product.

This is a further extension of the Tesco Taste Northern Ireland campaign, aimed at educating customers and connecting them with the people and places behind their favourite Northern Ireland food & drink.   For more information on the Taste NI campaign and award winners, follow on